Life is Like Dressing for a Party

You know how it goes? There’s a party or an event and you think you know what you’re going to wear, hell, you probably even shopped for an outfit just for the night, and when you put it on it just doesn’t fit right, or look right, or feel right. So you change clothes. Again. Again. And again. Face it, you aren’t ready until half your closet is dumped on the bed, the floor and every chair within tossing distance. When you finally leave the house, though, you feel as close to perfection as possible.

Jardin D Fleur

I do the same thing when I write articles; I try several ideas on, and leave several piled up here and there before finishing one I am really happy with. I have several open documents on my laptop, a few on my iPad, notes in Evernote that sync between all my computers and devices, which works great for those ideas that pop into my head mid-day while I’m working or am out and about. Heck, I even have odd little voice memos saved with random thoughts and mad musings. Like the outfits on the floor, tossed on the chair, asunder on the bed, many of these articles will never make it out of the house and to the party. Some I think are the best idea ever, and as I try to develop it into an article, it just doesn’t come together, like the wrong shoes or accessories or something. I may set it aside, leave it open on my computer for a bit, like a wardrobe piece on the chair, and come back to it another day and find it to be absolutely fab! Brill! I put a few finishing touches on it and post it and wait for the compliments to roll in just like that killer ensemble, with the perfect purse, shoes, belt, and necklace!

Life is the same, or should be. How do you know what’s right, what’s terrific, what fits, unless you try a few things on? You may have thought one thing would work, much like an outfit for a party or an idea for an article, but when you try it out, it just falls short, feels odd, uncomfortable, ill-fitting. It’s okay to slip into something else. It’s okay to try something else on for size. And much like fashion, what works for a party or event one year may be a fashion disaster another and what works for your life in your twenties may be entirely different in your thirties, or forties. It’s okay. Send it off to the thrift shop and upgrade your style. No matter what anyone says, it’s okay to change jobs, careers, hobbies, even spouses. Fashion changes, people around us change, we change. We can waste considerable, precious, time, fussing with an ugly, ill-fitting outfit and end up missing the party altogether.

It’s okay to change your mind, in life and in fashion, it’s okay to be a little fickle. Find what fits and what makes you feel like a million dollars and get to that party and dance. And when the next party invitation arrives, start planning what you’re going to wear, of course, but the night of the event, take your time and dress to impress. Once you’re at the party, you’re stuck with the outfit for the night.

Sure, you can make it through life only ever having one special occasion dress. You can make it through life wearing only frumpy clothes. You can make it through life trying to live up to outdated expectations, committed to goals that you no longer identify with or believe in. But that’s just it, you’re just making it through life. You’re just showing up at the party feeling underdressed and lacking confidence and spark. That’s no way to live, that’s no way to party.

So pull some clothes off the hangers, mix and match some unlikely wardrobe items together, splurge on that pair of killer shoes and rock the outfit you finally decide on. It’s a party, it’s life, make a mess and have a ball!



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