My thought for the day on making the world a better place:

I’ve decided I want an emoticon that looks like a dick. It can he a cute little dick, maybe with a little smiley face, and winking, too, perhaps. It could be used in texts and emails, on Facebook, Instagram and other social media, just as a cute little reminder to folks when they’re being dicks.

Face it, male or female, young or old, whether you use the fun, four letter word “dick” or not, we’re all dicks now and again. Some folks are big, fat, hairy dicks pretty much all the time, but we don’t usually text or correspond with them at all, unless we really, really have to, and, sadly, chronic dickdome (CD) is hard to cure, it’s way beyond the scope of an emoticon. Some folks are dicks far more often than others, but we all have our “dick days”. A cute, little, smiley, winking, dick emoticon; it still says “you’re being a dick”, but in a cuter, kinder, gentler, and more compassionate way than spelling it out in word form or blurting it out verbally. It gets the message across without being, well, too much of a dick!

Honestly, we usually know when we’ve crossed the line into “dickdome”, but sometimes the realization is delayed, until the conversation is over or until we try to fall asleep later that night and reflect back on our day. There is nothing worse than “post-dickdome disorder”, (PDD) keeping you tossing and turning all night long.

I’ve tried to draw some examples of a worthy dick emoticon, but, alas, they sucked. So, until further notice, if you get a text or message or email from me and it says, “BALBOAD” that means, “being a little bit of a dick” and you should probably tone it down a bit, lest you lose sleep from PDD, or your dickish attitude and demeanor become a chronic and incurable condition (CD).

Those are my thoughts on being a dick and a suitable means to defuse dickdome kindly. FYI. TTYL. BFN.


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