More Coffee Please

More Coffee Please

Life of a Hedonist – Do All the Things

Life has been wickedly good lately, a hedonist’s Eden! There has been food and drink and adventure and passion and fun overflowing, spilling from one day to the next, to the next. There has been no saying “no” as every suggestion and every opportunity has presented itself. Of course, finding companionship with a like-minded soul is awesome, terrific, wonderful,  exhausting.  Much fun! I just want more! More, more, more! More weekend adventures! More hikes, more beaches, more urban adventures, more coastal drives, more fantastic food in amazing restaurants, more cocktails, more beer, more wine, more sex, more, more, more. Last night it was decided that “absofuckinlutely” would be the response of choice to all things we think of doing! His suggestion, with which I concurred. Absofuckinlutely! More! More! More!

More coffee, please.


Hedonistic fun is kind of like  the vicious coffee cycle; you’re sleepy so you have a second cup of coffee. The extra caffeine gets you through the day, but then you don’t sleep at night, so you need yet another cup the following morning. I just spent an entire night mentally reorganizing my sock drawer and calculating, precisely, how many more miles I should drive before rotating the tires on my car. One  thousand four hundred twelve, which won’t quite get me through the end of next week, I’m thinking I’ll need to rotate my tires, and get an oil change, by about Tuesday.  The cruel irony for a hedonist, me, and coffee, and my current, crazy, wonderful life, is slipping into a sleep deprivation fueled coma when there’s someone in bed with me and not catching a wink of sleep when sleeping alone!


Non stop fun, adventure, food and libation is my heroin. I think. I’ve not tried heroin. For obvious reasons.  It’s Wednesday. My weekend begins today. Oh, I work, but we’ve cleverly constructed a whole bunch of fun surrounding those bits of requisite toil. For the next week. Yes, my “weekend” stretches from Wednesday through (at least) Wednesday of next week. You know how folks kid around about how the work week should be two days and the weekend five? That can be done if you’re creative enough! It’s not that I enjoy work so  much as to be classified as hedonistic fun; I’m an accountant. No, I’m an accountant who teaches other accountants how to use a clever software product. I’m the nerdiest of accountant-type people out there. Work fulfills not my excitement quota, it does not fill my coffee cup of thrills But those fun-filled moments I stuff all around those necessary bits of employment do! Java, Java, Java!


More coffee, please!

It isn’t quite six in the morning, but as I required a grande latte yesterday afternoon to maintain a pulse, after an entire French press of bold roast earlier in the day, sleep was not sustainable for me last night. Besides, I’m super excited for the day to come and I’ve managed to squeeze a salon appointment in at the crack of dawn, before some of that necessary toil, which is to be followed by fun, food, libation and pleasure. First, though, coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!


More coffee, please!


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