Fresh Cut Flowers – August 29, 2015

Another great day of wild, spontaneous, fun.

Keeping it short, here are the stats:

Highest speed achieved driving on the country roads between Petaluma and Hwy. 1; 79 mph

Number of windows open while driving at high speeds on country roads; two plus the sunroof

Song most repeated on Spotify; Golden by Parade of Lights

Miles hiked; 9.56 Palomarin trailhead to the Alamere Falls, a freshwater waterfall onto the beach along the Pt. Reyes National Seashore (great hike, watch for crowds, poison oak and rather treacherous trail down the cliff to the beach).

Fastest hiking mile pace; 14:13 minutes per mile

Calories burned hiking; 1,123, which I quickly replaced with a big, delicious bowl of clam linguini (see below)

Number of hours watching TV, movies, YouTube, etc.; zero

Kisses from my sweetie; only two, but it was two more than my original day had in store for me

Number of Instagram likes, so far, today; 71 (and counting)

Number of beers; one

Number of glasses of wine; two (and counting?)

Alarm for set for tomorrow morning; 4:30 AM. Good night!




One thought on “Fresh Cut Flowers – August 29, 2015

  1. This sounds like a great, detoxifying walk, what with no TV or YouTube. Your muscles must be smarting at the moment, from the hike. I hope you’re feeling good today. x

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