Fresh Cut Flowers – August 30, 2015

Ran 10:32 miles, a race, in Sacramento, called the “Buffalo Stampede”

Drove over 70 miles, and back, just to run ten miles very slowly

Top speed achieved driving: 82 mph somewhere in the soulless oblivion between Napa and Sacramento

Best bumper sticker observed (and I strongly dislike bumper stickers and customized license plates); “Death to Fake Pizza”.

Fastest running mile pace 10:04

Beers drunk: One large format (Mare Island Brewing “Sandwich IPA” and three (so far) Speakeasy “Big Daddy IPA”. I’m on an IPA kick.

YouTube: Casey Neistat Vlogs 157 and 158

Number of hours spent outdoors: Eight hours. Three at the running race and five drinking beer, eating pizza and samosas, watching YouTube, adding NetFlix movies to my “WatchList” and drafting articles.

Netflix: Tonight’s streaming selection will be “The Cobbler”.

Spotify songs on repeat: A tie; “Gideon” by My Morning Jacket and “Blue Hole Bridge” by Boy Named Banjo

Number of Instagram likes: 66

Affordable wine forecast: Joel Gott Zinfandel is highly likely about the time the Netflix movie begins.

Reflection: Beer does not replace endorphins, nor does it substitute for true joy, but it is good.




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