Fresh Cut Flowers – September 4, 2015

Top Speed: 64 mph (in a 60 mph zone, I only went to the shoe store and Whole Foods)

Lustful Object du Jour: Black, old school, slip-on Van’s and distressed Lucky Brand boyfriend jeans with flap back pockets (I wore my old ones out)

Fail: I have about four hundred “Saved Links” on Facebook for articles and videos I really want to read and watch. But I don’t, I haven’t. I just save the damn links.

Spotify Today: Most repeated song, Default – Dan Carey Dub Mix by Django Django

Activity: Shoe shopping? Grocery shopping at Whole Foods? I’m saving my strength for a long run tomorrow.

Most Hedonistic Moment: IPA and a chapter in the novel I’m reading, Adirondack chair in the shade, on a perfect late summer day in Napa, for lunch, and a repeat but with an oak aged stout and am Amy’s Organic cheese pizza with lots of red pepper flakes

LOL: Jardin D Fleur

SOL (Songs Out Loud): Nah, my repeater song was instrumental

Dance: Not yet

Photos: 21

Selfies: 3

S&M Today (Social and Media): Snapchats with m’kids about four hurricanes and a burger and a bloody mary for breakfast. Some retweet action and a few Instagram likes from one picture posted today and from yesterday’s pictures.

On the Big Screen (or not so big screen): Casey Neistat Vlogs 161 – 163. For tonight; Coco Before Chanel (NetFlix DVD)

Quote: “Be original – even eccentric”

Making the World a Better Place: Merge lanes; it’s your duty, know what they, are and how to use them. You are impeding my speedy progress to all the places. I nearly lost my voice yesterday yelling at a half dozen different drivers waiting unnecessarily, at a red light, in a right turn lane, with a perfectly empty and available merge lane.

Kudos: Whole Foods fish market, thanks for telling me earlier in the week the fresh, caught, wild Alaskan salmon would be on sale today! Major score!

Beer: Lagunitas IPA (see hedonistic pleasure above), Out of Bounds Brewing Company – The Prophet Oak Aged Stout (large format)

(Cheap) Wine of the Week – W.O.W.: Joel Gott Zinfandel

Food: Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

A Tale:

The other day, I responded to a Facebook post that read, “Would your eight year old self be proud of you right now?” I replied, “I don’t think so, I can no longer do perfect cartwheels. I think I’ll go practice.”

This, truly, is something I’ve wanted to rectify, for a while. I’ve always been able to do a cartwheel. Honestly, I don’t know, maybe I CAN still do a cartwheel, it’s just been so long since I’ve done one, I’m not sure what will happen if I try!

There was a great coach in my running club a few years back, I never had the pleasure of running with her and know of her only through lore. She was a young and enthusiastic person and at every mile, she’d do a cartwheel to celebrate the group’s accomplishment! How awesome is that?

Since hearing that story, I’ve wanted nothing more than to go out in the backyard, on the lawn, and practice cartwheels until perfection is once again achieved. My hesitation alarms me; I keep catching myself thinking “I’m afraid of what the neighbors will think.” Sick and wrong, I know, especially coming from me. Never mind that these same neighbors observe my late night and early morning comings and goings, to and from Marin, to spend time with my sweetie. Never mind that our recycle bin makes more noise when upended into the truck for all the shattering glass than some of the wine bars in town! Will the fact that I do cartwheels on the lawn in my backyard tarnish my reputation further? I’m doubting it.

Worst of all, though, why should it matter what the neighbors think if I do cartwheels on my backyard lawn every day, horrible cartwheels or perfect cartwheels, they are my cartwheels, and my business. Still, I sit here and wince.

Would your eight year old self be proud of you right now?

Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur


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