Fresh Cut Flowers – September 5, 2015

Top Speed: 84 miles per hour, before dawn, on some dreadfully uninteresting stretch of I-80 between Fairfield and Sacramento

Fail: After my run I went to a favorite tacqueria in Midtown Sacramento, aptly named, Midtown Tacqueria. I ordered a ginormous burrito, cut it in half, intending to save the second half for later. I ate the whole thing. Fail. But, I ended up being full all day long and decided to forego dinner, so, I guess, ultimately, my plan succeeded!

Spotify Today: Long drive means many repeaters – “Don’t Fuck With My Money” by Penguin Prison, “Better Way” by Ben Harper, “The Throw” by Jagwar Ma, “H.S.K.T.” by Sylvan Esso, and “Down South” by Jeremy Loops

Activity: Ran 13.5 miles with my running club!

Number of Perfect Cartwheels Executed: Well, not perfectly, perfectly, but damn near, so they all count; all TEN!

Jardin D Fleur

Most Hedonistic Moment: See above; doing ten nearly perfectly executed cartwheels on the lawn in the backyard I grew up in, where I have, historically, probably done thousands of (nearly) perfectly executed cartwheels!

LOL: A Snapchat exchange with my daughter. Totally cracked me up!

Photos: 37

Selfies: 8

S&M Today (Social and Media): Snapchat – just a few exchanges with da kids (follow me jardindfleur), lots of reTweets (follow me @JardinDFleur) and I posted a couple of pictures to Instagram and got 30 likes (follow me at jardindfleur) and Instagram automatically posts to Facebook (like my page Jardin D Fleur).

Today on the Big Screen (or the not so big screen): NetFlix movie review of “Coco Before Chanel”; two thumbs up, and, if I were “all thumbs”, I’d give it ten thumbs up! Planned for tonight, another “tipsy pick”, apparently, because it sounds dreadful, “Heartbreaker” on NetFlix DVD. I also got caught up on YouTube with Casey Neistat; Not Vlog 164 and the 360 Degree Camera video.

Quote or Quip: “Practice living life by your own rules”

Making the World a Better Place: Leaf blowers. Gardeners all week and gardenerless folks all weekend. Raking is good exercise, and America, you need more exercise and I’d like a little peace and quiet so I can hear myself think.

Kudos: American River Parkway, I love you! Midtown Tacqueria, I love YOU, too!

Beer: Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

Food: Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

Tales: See my blog post from earlier today!

Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur


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