Fresh Cut Flowers – September 6, 2015

Top Speed: About 30 mph. I only drove a couple of miles to a party, and home again.

Lustful Object du Jour: cupcakes made by my dear and very talented friend

Fail: I had a cupcake and cake, too!

Activity: Dancing

Most Hedonistic Moment: I made Sunday Sauce and sampled quite a lot of it in the process

The beginnings of my Sunday Sauce

The beginnings of my Sunday Sauce

Photos: 49

Selfies: There are pictures of me on my phone, but, technically, someone else took them 😉

SOL (Sung Out Loud): With a group, at a party, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”. It was obnoxious.

Dance Happens: Lots of dancing happened at a surprise 30th wedding anniversary party for dear friends

Video Today: Last night’s NetFlix DVD, “Heartbreaker”, was much better than anticipated after reading the narrative on the sleeve. Although the second movie in as many nights in French with English subtitles, which is exhausting after a beer or two and a glass of wine, it was easy enough to follow the storyline. It was fun and well written, though a smidge too long. Of course, I was a bit sleepy. I may consider reviewing it, again, later this weekend.
Casey Neistat – VLOG 165

Quote or Quip: “Laughter is a tranquilizer with no (bad) side effects”

Making the World a Better Place: Stop sending me print catalogs. Save the trees. I shop online.

Kudos: Ernest Hemingway for using the Oxford comma, adding strength and numbers to those of us who are proponents

Beer:  Jardin D Fleur


Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

Tales: In the Picture

We all appreciate a good view, and if we are very fortunate, we may have a lovely view from a window where we work, live, visit, or stay. Often when we travel, we go to places from where we can view something lovely or inspiring. We will drive to take in a view, some of us will hike, walk, run, ride, or paddle to enjoy a more uncommon view. And we take pictures, perhaps only mentally, but usually there is some visual evidence of our observation of the views we enjoy. (Continue Reading)

Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur


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