Fresh Cut Flowers – September 8, 201

Top Speed: 42 miles per hour, I just drove to the courthouse and back, but, for the record, 42 was in excess of the posted limit (38 mph)

Lustful Object du Jour: I saw nothing today that excited to the point of lust

Fail: Ignoring things does not make them go away. I have two large, looming, ongoing issues I need to move forward within the next month.

Spotify Today: There has been no music in my life today

Activity: “Mat” workout; bicep curls, deltoid raises, upright rows, table leg raises, planks, resistance band sidesteps, crunches, wall sits, handstands

Most Hedonistic Moment: The salad I made for lunch!

Photos: 16

Selfies: Zilch.

LOL: As seen on Facebook, wrong but funny –

Kim and Kanye

SOL (Sung Out Loud): No music today, I didn’t even have a song stuck in my head

Dance Happens: No, but handstands did!

Video Today: Casey Neistat Vlog 167

Quote or Quip: “Too much love is never enough”

Making the World a Better Place (Observation or Gripe): Just do what you’re supposed to; work at something you love that sustains you financially. Comply with the few things society dictates; file your taxes, pay your bills, show up for appointments, be kind. Live your life. That is all.

Kudos: Love this book –

Jardin D Fleur


Jardin D Fleur

Wine (WOW – Wine of the Week):

Jardin D Fleur


Jardin D Fleur

Chorizo and eggs

Jardin D Fleur

Sunday sauce over polenta

Jardin D Fleur


How to Make a Killer Salad

For lunch today, I made a killer salad. I used some raw, organic, baby spinach and some organic mixed greens. I had an avocado I was dying to use, so I included it. I also had some Gorgonzola cheese on hand and thought it sounded like the right little kick for my salad. I’ve been eating apples and cheese for lunch a lot lately, so had a few tart apples bumping about in my fridge. I grabbed one of them to toss in the mix. (Continue Reading)

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Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

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