How to Make a Killer Salad

For lunch today, I made a killer salad. I used some raw, organic, baby spinach and some organic mixed greens. I had an avocado I was dying to use, so I included it. I also had some gorgonzola cheese on hand and thought it sounded like the right little kick for my salad. I’ve been eating apples and cheese for lunch a lot lately, so had a few tart apples bumping about in my fridge. I grabbed one of them to toss in the mix. Finally, looking at the accumulation of ingredients, I decided a little bit more protein was in order, so I grabbed a few chicken breast cutlets and decided to quickly sauté them up to adorn my salad with and to fortify it appropriately, nutritiously speaking. Finally, to dress up my salad, I grabbed my very expensive local olive oil and equally as expensive blackberry balsamic vinegar. Expensive though they may be, these things don’t keep well, especially in the heat we’ve been having, no use in saving them, like fruit, enjoy them while they’re at their best. And, this was my fabulous, incredible, and very edible lunch.

Jardin D Fleur

I didn’t follow a recipe for my salad. There is no one, standard, recipe for salad, there are as many recipes for salad as there heads of lettuce in the world. My salad was the result of opening the fridge, gathering some ingredients and putting them into the bowl, trusting my experience and judgment that the combination would be beautiful, delicious, and fortifying. It was.

A thrilling, exciting, and exhilarating life is much like a salad. The bowl is empty and you add to it the things you think will make it beautiful, delicious and fortifying. It doesn’t have to follow anyone else’s recipe, take a look at what you have on hand and work with that. And each day, you can change up your salad a little bit, add a new ingredient, omit another. Trust your judgment, build on your experience.

And, allow me inquire; would you add cucumbers to your salad if you disliked cucumbers? What if someone else told you to put cucumbers in your salad, would you? And if you did, would you eat them? Or would you pick around them? So, don’t follow anyone else’s recipe, for salad or for your life. Put into what you wish, it is yours to create, it is yours to enjoy, it is yours to nourish you.

Perhaps that’s why salad bars are so popular, and why restaurants (the non-salad bar ilk) have more than one salad to choose from on the menu; because we all have different tastes, like different ingredients, and even those may vary from one day to another. It is for us to decide, as, it seems, salad is a very personal thing.

As is life, toss accordingly.

Nuts. Damn, nuts would’ve been good in my salad today. I’ll have to remember that for the next time!

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