Fresh Cut Flowers – September 9, 2015

Top Speed: 42 mph, just running errands around town

Lustful Object du Jour: Just look at my pile of “essentials” from the grocery store!

Berries, bacon, cheese, avocado, wine, coffee. And eggs, which is what I went for.

Berries, bacon, cheese, avocado, wine, coffee. And eggs, which is what I went for.

Fail: Sleep. Out of my mind.

Spotify Today: Bonobo – “We Could Forever”, Flume – “Intro”, Jeremy Loops – “Skinny Blues” and Cold War Kids – “Rubidoux”

Activity: Lunges & Dips with weight, Plies with weight, Squats with weight, Dead lifts with weight, Kettle Swings (25 with 15 lb. kettle bell), and ten cartwheels

Most Hedonistic Moment: Dinner, my salad was beyond killer; baby spinach and organic greens, Gorgonzola cheese, avocado, bacon, and sliced pork chop, with local olive oil and blackberry balsamic vinegar. And, to make it even better, I ate out on the deck, at early dusk, and watched the hummingbirds and the dragonflies flit about overhead.

Jardin D Fleur

Photos: 46

Selfies: 1

Jardin D Fleur


Jardin D Fleur

SOL (Sung Out Loud): I did the ooooo ooooo’s from Tokyo Police Club’s “Bambi” and Neutral Milk Hotel’s “King of Carrot Flowers”

Dance Happens: Yes, it does. Today Ryn Weaver’s “OctaHate” had me bouncing and bobbing around the room for a bit

Video Today: Casey Neistat Vlog 168

Quote or Quip: “Live life like it’s one big publicity stunt”

Making the World a Better Place: The care and keeping of garbage; I just don’t get how, if something is nasty enough to throw away, it is somehow okay to keep it in a dark, warm area under the sink for a week, with all the rest of the nasty stuff. I’m a fan of taking all discards out to the bin on a daily basis. This morning I walked into the kitchen and heard some kind of beast thing scratching in the wall, behind the garbage bag, under the sink. It really wanted in to munch on the rotting matter there-under. I haven’t opened the cupboard all day, except to take the trash out. Tomorrow is garbage truck day!

Kudos: Whole Foods Keg and Barrel, you make grocery shopping an event and a destination. I will try to run out of eggs more often


Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

Wine of the Week:

Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur


Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

Tales: Zombie Apocalypse and KFC

I love being active, I love keeping fit, I love noticing improvement in strength, endurance, I love meeting the next challenge I set for myself. But, I’ll be honest; I’m not a huge fan of working out. I will find a million and one excuses to not work out. Going to the gym, doing a workout video, lifting weights, doing resistance training, just for the sake of getting in a workout just numbs me. I really have to fight with myself, make deals, concessions, special dispensations, just to make myself abandon all other things to work out.

I do, however, (Continue Reading)

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