Zombie Apocalypse and KFC

I love being active, I love keeping fit, I love noticing improvement in strength, endurance, I love meeting the next challenge I set for myself. But, I’ll be honest; I’m not a huge fan of working out. I will find a million and one excuses to not work out. Going to the gym, doing a workout video, lifting weights, doing resistance training, just for the sake of getting in a workout just numbs me. I really have to fight with myself, make deals, concessions, special dispensations, just to make myself abandon all other things to work out.

Jardin D Fleur
I do, however, love applied fitness; yoga, running, dance, hiking, paddling. I love challenging my strength, my endurance, and my stamina in those disciplines. I often have a hard time completing required and necessary chores and tasks because I can almost always think of something crazy I’d rather be doing outside!

I wish I were more like Linda Hamilton’s character, Sarah Connor, in Terminator Two – Judgement Day. While institutionalized, she just worked and worked and worked because she knew she’d have to be as fit and strong as possible to protect herself and her son from the threat. I agree with that philosophy, I just have a hard time living by it. Perhaps if I were institutionalized and had nothing better to do than work out, but, no, no thank you.

I fear very few things, but I fear we have become too soft, too pillowy, too spongy, too large, fleshy, too lazy, to save ourselves, if need be. I can just see the aliens landing, advancing on suburbia and we all wheel out of our homes in our bright, colorful, shiny, scooter chairs, remote control clenched in one hand and a bucket of KFC in the other. How will we ever survive aliens? Or zombies? Or diabetes?

I like to live by the zombie apocalypse code; be fit, be fine. I know I could probably outrun a zombie, I could most likely out hike a zombie, and perhaps do more cartwheels than a zombie. I should probably brush up on my target practice and batting practice, just to be sure I’d be able to fight them off if they got a little too close.

But, practically speaking, fitness is a lifestyle. A lifestyle is how you choose to live your life every day. It is a choice. Fitness, as a lifestyle, comes from doing active things you enjoy doing, activities you find pleasure in. If I had to go to the gym every day to have a fit lifestyle, I may not. I can manage a strength work out now and then, maybe up to two times a week, but give me a hill I haven’t climbed, show me a fun half marathon open for registration, and I am there! If I can achieve the same “strength” results doing yoga, then I will, gladly. The key is, find your passion in motion, and move. Whether you believe in aliens or zombies or suburbia, or not!

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