Fresh Cut Flowers – September 11, 2015

Top Speed: Not sure, I was practically asleep, but somewhere not too far in excess of the posted speed limit between downtown Napa and home on the west edge of town

Lustful Object du Jour: I’m lusting for a swimming pool to splash around in, it’s hot out

Fail: I have no energy to run the errands I promised myself I’d get done

Spotify Today: Silence was golden

Activity: Oh, hell no. I totally overindulged last night, remaining alert all day while working was active enough. I’ve got a half marathon Sunday and am resting up a bit for it

Most Hedonistic Moment: Lunch was sinfully good

Photos: 12

Selfies: Not a chance

LOL: Casey Neistat’s Vlog 170 – the hamburger

A Funny from Facebook Today

A Funny from Facebook Today

SOL (Sung Out Loud): Nothing out loud, my head hurts

Dance Happens: Not today, it doesn’t

Video Today: Casey Neistat Vlogs 169 & 170

Quote or Quip: “Work hard at finding great pleasure in the simple things in life”

Kudos: While I prefer beer in bottles, the new “can” trend does mean my recycle bin won’t make such a clatter on trash day!


Jardin D Fleur

Wine: I considered, but then abstained


Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur

Tales from the past:

I was on Facebook today. I was on Facebook about five hundred times today. While on Facebook one of those times, I saw an old friend’s post, asking if anyone might be interested in sky diving with her in October. I replied first, and fast! Me! Me! Me! Me! An exchange ensued and we are both going to save our pennies and jump out of an airplane somewhere in Northern California some Saturday in October. (Continue Reading)

S&M (Social & Media): Instagram (jardindfleur), Twitter (@JardinDFleur), Snapchat (jardindfleur), Facebook Page (Jardin D Fleur), Beme (jardindfleur)

Jardin D Fleur Jardin D Fleur


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